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14500 Extended Stay Rooms In America | Find Hotels And Motels

Extended Stay America

If you’re looking for an affordable place to stay while visiting Phoenix, or if you’re looking for a great place to live for an extended period of time, you’ll likely find the America Phoenix Extended Stay to be a great option for you.

Extended Stay America
Extended Stay America

Extended Stay America is a large hotel chain that provides comfortable and welcoming living spaces for people who want to travel while maintaining all the comforts of home.

These hotels are equipped with all the amenities you would expect to find in your own home, including Wi-Fi Internet access.

Whether you are looking for a hotel that offers a large swimming area or you are looking for a hotel that will provide you a workspace that you can use to accomplish your professional tasks, you will probably find the configuration of these hotels very practical.

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Extended Stay America

Most people like to stay in these hotels for a wide variety of reasons. Most people also have their own reasons for choosing these establishments.

People who are just vacationing love the prices for these rooms, as they are often among the cheapest available in the area at any given time.

Those traveling for business often find the comfortable living spaces that have been built to mimic the feel and convenience of a modern home to be quite satisfactory overall.

Business travelers can use the in-room desk and data port to get all their work done, or they can browse the internet from the comfort of their bed while taking advantage of the high-speed Wi-Fi that these properties offer. to all their customers.

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Low-cost Extended Stay Motels and Hotels

Business travelers also find the wide range of special amenities not usually available in hotels to be very convenient as well.

Amenities like laundries, fitness rooms, and heated pools are always a feast for the eyes, especially when you’re homesick while on the road doing business tasks.

Definition Of Stay Length

In the hospitality industry, a “length of stay” is defined as the number of nights a guest stays in a hotel room. You can find this number by measuring the time between the check-in date and the check-out date.

There are two types of stays:

There are so-called “regular stays” and “extended stays“. And from there things get a little more complicated.

So first things first – let’s go through all these terms and definitions so you understand exactly what they mean.

What Is Regular Stay?

There are a few different types of “regular stays” that hotels use to discuss their nightly guest room rates (and which most business travelers will likely be familiar with):

Overnight stays

Short stays

Overnight Stay

An overnight stay lasts at least one night. This is the sort of standard offering that people expect when they book a room.

It’s what you’re looking for when you need a room for the night while traveling away from home.

You research the prices. You will find one you like at a price that works for you. You reserve it, pay for it, then arrive on your check-in date and depart on your check-out date.

This is a fairly standard and well-known procedure. Your booking may or may not include a range of services and amenities.

For example:

Internet access

Spa, sauna or jacuzzi

Fitness center on site

Free parking

Continental breakfast

cable television

Access to meeting rooms

Short Stay (Transit Hotel Option)

Short stays do not necessarily include an overnight stay. For example, some hotels near airports offer “transit hotel” options.

With this option, a traveler who is in bed for eight hours can book a six-hour block of room time to nap during their stay — without spending the entire night or paying for an entire night’s stay.

Short-term room reservations make sense in certain cases, but can be helpful in situations like the example above.

Extended Stays: A Detailed Look

Not surprisingly, the term “extended stay” refers to a specific type of hotel rental. (It’s not just used to describe a reservation with a specific hotel chain, like Extended Stay America.) Here’s why longer-stay options are useful.

Nowadays there is quite a big difference between hotels for regular stays and long-term accommodation.

There are all types of workers (construction workers, professionals in emerging technology and energy fields, traveling nurses, disaster relief workers, etc.) who need to stay in specific locations for long periods of time without undertaking permanent relocation or relocation to those areas.

This is partly why extended stay hotels and corporate housing options are becoming increasingly popular.

6 Types of Extended Stay Terms You Need To Know

The different terms used to describe long-term accommodation can be confusing.

Let’s say you’re a traveling nurse who wants to work at a Minneapolis hospital for a four-month contract, but doesn’t want to relocate from your hometown in Nebraska.

1. A Standard “Extended Stay”

An extended stay is a type of stay that provides longer-term accommodation.

Extended stay America hotels are usually labeled as such because they offer the kind of amenities and perks that help guests feel at home for several weeks or months.

Here are some examples of amenities an extended stay America hotel might offer:

Guest laundry facilities


Fully furnished rooms

Fitted kitchens (with stove and other appliances)

Suites with multiple rooms

Most extended stay America hotels also offer discounts for guests booking longer stays. These stays usually last from several days to several months.

2. Short Term Rental

A short-term rental is a furnished living space that can be rented for a short period of time (a few days to a few weeks, sometimes longer).

These rentals are also sometimes referred to as “vacation rentals,” although these terms are not commonly used to refer to hotel rooms.

Typically this definition is used to describe something like an apartment hotel, cabin, house that someone has rented out to other people on a short-term basis (as opposed to a long-term lease), etc.

Extended Stay In Hotel
Extended Stay In Hotel

This is an example of the type of rental you might be looking for if you are a traveling nurse, a construction worker looking to work in one location for a few months, etc.

Short term rentals are often a good option for someone who is in one Place to work or live medium term without moving there (who would rather live in a typical house, condo or apartment than a hotel).

3. Long Term Stay

A “long-term-stay” hotel is really just another term for an extended stay hotel. As with extended stay hotels, extended stay hotels are designed for stays of a week or more.

They are ideal for long vacations, business trips or travelers who need more permanent accommodation away from home for a temporary period.

4. Weekly Rental

The term “weekly rental” is typically used to refer to a short-term rental, vacation rental, or corporate accommodation that is rented out on a weekly basis.

5. Temporary Accommodation

Temporary living, which also overlaps with corporate housing and some short-term rental options, is basically a type of accommodation that comes fully furnished and ready for weekly or monthly stays.

This can be an apartment, condo, house, etc. In every way it’s pretty much the same as a short term rental.

6. Corporate Housing

“Corporate Housing” is a term used to describe fully furnished, serviced apartments available for temporary rental for traveling professionals.

Again, all amenities are included (things like free WiFi, utilities, a fully furnished living space, a well-equipped kitchen, possibly a concierge service, etc.).

Corporate housing is very similar to short-term rental and temporary housing. It can take the form of a condo, house, apartment, suite, etc.

Find The Best Weekly Hotel Rentals

You desperately need an escape, but a standard weekend booking just won’t do – no, you want a place to call home away from home.

Does such a thing exist?

Why indeed it is, and it comes in the form of weekly hotels. They offer all the amenities you need to be comfortable in your temporary space while you explore the area.

Extended stay America hotels were designed to meet the needs of travelers looking for more than just an out-of-town getaway. Choose from spacious extended stay america suites with studio-style spaces or multiple bedrooms to accommodate you, your belongings, and any family members who join in the fun.

Enjoy all the little things that make your rooms feel like home, like on-site laundry facilities and pet-friendly room options (we get it; we can’t do without our furry friends either!).

If you choose a more upscale extended stay America hotel, you can take advantage of bonus offers in your accommodations, such as on-site spas, fitness centers, and hotel restaurants.

The large closets provide plenty of space to organize your wardrobe and the adjoining kitchens allow you to easily test your budding culinary skills.

Many extended stay hotels cater to the needs of business travelers. Set up your computer and the rest of your gear in the office in your room or print out those presentation notes in the business center downstairs.

Meet customers?

Find extended-stay hotels in the business district near your clients’ offices.

Whether your definition of “long term” is a week or a year, will give you the best information. Book the perfect accommodation for extended stays today.

Extended Stay America Near Me Hotels

You’ve already taken the guesswork out of your next vacation. You know you want an Extended Stay America hotel in New Hope.

What can you say?

You like their style, they’re a big part of New Hope, and they’ve never let you down.

New bar in town? You are the first to check it. The spiciest item on the menu? You can take the heat. But even the best players hedge their bets. No matter how crazy your trip is, you want something familiar waiting for you at the end of the day.

All In One Name

We all have favorites. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like. You like to stay at Extended Stay America near you, New Hope to sightsee (because sometimes it’s fun) and then hit the places that aren’t on the map.

And no matter how much fun you’re having, you have Extended Stay America hotels with their comfortable beds and thoughtful amenities waiting for you.

As You Like It

Do you have a price you want to stick to so you can paint the town red? Maybe it all depends on the characteristics of the hotel. Who couldn’t use a hot tub? Choose your pleasure by:

Lowest Rate: Grab the Extended Stay America hotel in New Hope at an absolute price. After your reservation, we will tell you the name of the hotel. You could find this 4 star hotel for a 2 star price.

Price: How low can you go? Quite low actually. Consult our prices per night, from .

Amenities: Have a cocktail in the lounge and maybe head up to the rooftop terrace, all of which makes for a great vacation.

You’ve already done the hard part: figuring out where you want to stay. Now is the time to use the money you have saved to get the real fun started.

  1. Underground shows?
  2. Unusual attractions?
  3. Rooftop getaways?

The choice is yours. The one wonderfully predictable thing about this trip is the Extended Stay America room you’ll be staying in.

FAQs On Extended Stay

Do hotels offer long stay discounts?

Some hotels offer discounted weekly or monthly rates. This is a practice that many extended-stay hotels incorporate into their pricing policies.

So yes, it is entirely possible to get discounts for longer stays – you just need to know which hotel brands to look for.

Looking for a discount on group hotel bookings? We negotiate on your behalf and help you achieve corporate hotel discounts.

How long can you stay in a hotel anyway?

Travelers usually only have the option of renting traditional hotel rooms for up to 30 days.

An occupancy beyond this 30-day mark usually shifts the tenant from the “hotel guest” category to the “permanent tenant” category.

Obviously, long-stay hotels are an exception to this rule. But that’s what makes extended stay America hotels different from other hotels.

Can you extend a hotel stay after you have already checked in?

Usually this doesn’t work. Normally, at the time of your check-in, this room is already reserved for a guest who intends to arrive after your scheduled check-out time.
(Note that some extended-stay hotels may have a simple process for extending your stay after check-in, depending on how the hotel handles bookings.)

Traditional hotels keep bookings back-to-back to ensure they fill all of their room nights. But it never hurts to ask. If the stars are right and everything is going perfectly, an extension after check-in is possible.

Much more likely the hotel would offer to give you another room. So it was just a matter of changing rooms.

You can probably also expect a slightly different price depending on which days of the week you extend your stay.

Do hotels offer long stay discounts?

Some hotels offer discounted weekly or monthly rates. This is a practice that many extended-stay hotels incorporate into their pricing policies.

So yes, it is entirely possible to get discounts for longer stays – you just need to know which hotel brands to look for.

Looking for a discount on group hotel bookings?

We negotiate on your behalf and help you achieve corporate hotel discounts.


There you have it. Everything you need to know about the different types of stays, where to find them and how to save some money by finding the best options for your upcoming business trip.

Of course, the most important thing is to start looking sooner rather than later, as finding the right accommodation for your needs will take time.

That’s why Hotel Engine has a streamlined process to simplify hotel bookings for business travelers at no extra cost.

In any case, you have. It’s time to hit the open road and make the magic happen.

See you on the other side. Good Trip.