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BOOK Best Cocoa Beach Hotels, FL With Free Cancellation

Cocoa Beach Hotels

Nestled along Florida’s Atlantic coastline, Cocoa Beach stands as a vibrant destination known for its pristine beaches, iconic pier, and lively atmosphere. Choosing the right accommodation plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall experience of this coastal haven.

In this introduction, we delve into the world of Cocoa Beach hotels, where oceanfront retreats, family-friendly resorts, and charming boutique lodgings await. Whether you seek the serenity of the waves, the thrill of nearby attractions, or a blend of both, Cocoa Beach’s diverse hotel offerings cater to a spectrum of preferences.

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Join us on a journey through the sun-soaked shores and discover the myriad options that make Cocoa Beach a delightful retreat for every traveler.

Book Cocoa Beach Hotels Today

Booking a hotel in Cocoa Beach, or any other destination, can be done through various online platforms or directly through the hotel. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to book Cocoa Beach hotels:

Choose a Booking Platform: Popular online booking platforms include:, Expedia,, Airbnb, Trivago.

Visit the Website or App: Go to the website or app of your chosen booking platform.

Cocoa Beach Hotels
Cocoa Beach Hotels

Enter Your Details: Enter the details of your trip, including dates of stay, number of guests, and any specific preferences you may have.

Search for Cocoa Beach Hotels: Use the search function to find hotels in Cocoa Beach. You can filter results based on your preferences, such as price range, amenities, and guest ratings.

Browse Options: Review the list of available hotels. Pay attention to details like price, location, guest reviews, and amenities offered.

Select a Hotel: Choose a hotel that fits your criteria and budget.

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Review Booking Details: Double-check your booking details, including the dates of stay, room type, and any additional services or amenities you may have selected.

Create an Account or Log In: Some platforms may require you to create an account or log in before completing the booking.

Enter Payment Information: Provide the necessary payment information to secure your reservation. Most platforms accept credit/debit cards.

Confirm Reservation: Review the booking summary and confirm your reservation. You may receive a confirmation email with your booking details.

Contact the Hotel (Optional): If you have specific requests or questions, you can contact the hotel directly after making the reservation.

Save Confirmation Details: Save a copy of your reservation confirmation, either as a printout or on your mobile device.

Remember to check the cancellation policy and any additional fees associated with the booking. If you prefer, you can also contact the hotel directly and inquire about their rates and availability before making a reservation through an online platform.

Top 10 Cocoa Beach Hotels

We have compiled a list of best hotels of Cocoa beach location. There are numbers of good hotels but we have choosen the best out of those. Have a look on this:

Hotel NameLocationRating (out of 5)Amenities
Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront1550 N Atlantic Ave4.2Beachfront, Pool, Restaurants, Wi-Fi
Westgate Cocoa Beach Resort3550 N Atlantic Ave4.0Beach Access, Pool, Spa, Fitness Center
DoubleTree by Hilton Cocoa Beach2080 N Atlantic Ave4.3Oceanfront, Pool, On-site Dining, Wi-Fi
Courtyard by Marriott Cocoa Beach3435 N Atlantic Ave4.1Beachfront, Bistro, Fitness Center, Wi-Fi
The Resort on Cocoa Beach1600 N Atlantic Ave4.2Ocean Views, Pool, Hot Tubs, Game Room
Radisson Resort at the Port 8701 Astronaut Boulevard4.0Pool, On-site Dining, Shuttle to Port Canaveral
La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Cocoa Beach-Port Canaveral 1275 N Atlantic Ave3.9Free Breakfast, Pool, Pet-Friendly
International Palms Resort Cocoa Beach1300 N Atlantic Ave3.7Oceanfront Pool, Dining, Sports Courts
Hampton Inn Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral3425 N Atlantic Ave4.4Free Breakfast, Beach Access, Pool
Beach Place Guesthouses1445 S Atlantic Ave4.8Private Beach, Kitchenette, Oceanfront Views
Cocoa Beach Hotels

Budget Friendly Hotels In Cocoa Beach

There are budget-friendly hotel options in Cocoa Beach catering to different budget ranges. Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the time of year, availability, and any ongoing events or festivals. Here are a few budget-friendly hotel options in Cocoa Beach:

Motel 6 Cocoa Beach: Located at 3701 N Atlantic Ave, Motel 6 offers affordable rates and is situated close to the beach.

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Fawlty Towers Motel: Found at 100 E Cocoa Beach Causeway, this motel provides budget accommodations within walking distance of the beach.

Days Inn by Wyndham Cocoa Beach Port Canaveral: Situated at 5500 N Atlantic Ave, Days Inn offers reasonable rates and is located near Cocoa Beach attractions.

Cocoa Beach Suites: Located at 3655 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach Suites provides budget-friendly accommodations with kitchenettes.

Super 8 by Wyndham Cocoa Beach Area: This hotel, located at 5600 N Atlantic Ave, offers budget-friendly rooms and is a short drive from the beach.

Budget Inn Cocoa Beach: Situated at 5602 N Atlantic Ave, Budget Inn is a modestly priced option close to Cocoa Beach.

Always check reviews, amenities, and current prices when considering budget-friendly hotels, and consider booking in advance for the best rates. Additionally, keep in mind that staying slightly away from the beachfront may offer more budget-friendly options.

Top 10 Benefits of Staying at Cocoa Beach

Staying at Cocoa Beach offers a variety of benefits, making it an attractive destination for visitors. Here are some of the key advantages:

Beachfront Location: Cocoa Beach is situated along Florida’s Atlantic coast, offering direct access to beautiful sandy beaches. Visitors can enjoy the sun, surf, and a range of water activities.

Proximity to Kennedy Space Center: Cocoa Beach is located near the Kennedy Space Center, NASA’s primary launch center for human spaceflight. Visitors have the opportunity to witness space launches and explore the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Staying at Cocoa Beach
Staying at Cocoa Beach

Surfing Capital of the East Coast: Cocoa Beach is renowned as the surfing capital of the East Coast. The waves attract surfers from beginners to professionals, providing an excellent opportunity for water sports enthusiasts.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere: The area has a family-friendly atmosphere with various attractions suitable for all ages. These include mini-golf courses, arcades, and the nearby Brevard Zoo.

Dining and Entertainment: Cocoa Beach offers a variety of dining options, ranging from seafood restaurants to casual beachfront cafes. Additionally, there are entertainment venues and nightlife options for those seeking evening activities.

Cruise Departure Point: Port Canaveral, one of the busiest cruise ports in the world, is close to Cocoa Beach. Visitors often stay in the area before or after a cruise, taking advantage of the coastal location.

Nature and Wildlife: The Cocoa Beach area is rich in natural beauty. Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, adjacent to Kennedy Space Center, provides opportunities for birdwatching, wildlife photography, and eco-tours.

Festivals and Events: Cocoa Beach hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, offering visitors a chance to experience local culture, music, and art.

Accessibility: Cocoa Beach is easily accessible, located just east of Orlando. Travelers can reach it via major highways, making it a convenient destination for both local and international visitors.

Relaxed Atmosphere: The overall atmosphere of Cocoa Beach is laid-back and relaxed, making it an ideal spot for a beach vacation or a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whether you’re interested in water activities, space exploration, or simply relaxing on the beach, Cocoa Beach has something to offer for a diverse range of visitors.

Are Hotels In Cocoa Beach Florida Pet-Friendly?

Cocoa Beach, like many tourist destinations, has hotels that cater to pet owners. Some in Cocoa Beach Florida Hotels are indeed pet-friendly, allowing guests to bring their furry friends along. However, policies can vary from one hotel to another, and it’s essential to confirm the specific pet policies with the hotel directly before making a reservation.

When searching for pet-friendly hotels in Cocoa Beach, consider using online travel platforms that allow you to filter search results based on pet policies. Additionally, websites like or can provide information specifically tailored to pet-friendly accommodations.

When contacting a hotel, inquire about the following:

Pet Fees: Some hotels may charge a pet fee per night or per stay.

Pet Size Limits: Some hotels have restrictions on the size or breed of pets they allow.

Pet Amenities: Check if the hotel provides amenities for pets, such as designated walking areas or pet-friendly services.

Pet Policy: Understand any specific rules or guidelines the hotel has regarding pets on the premises.

Always disclose that you will be traveling with a pet when making a reservation, and get confirmation of the pet policy in writing if possible. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable stay for both you and your pet.

FAQs On Hotels Cocoa Beach Florida

What is the best time to visit Cocoa Beach?

Cocoa Beach is a year-round destination, but the weather is typically most pleasant from late fall to early spring. However, this period may also coincide with higher tourism.

How far is Cocoa Beach from Orlando?

Cocoa Beach is approximately 60 miles east of Orlando. The drive typically takes about 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on traffic.

Can I book hotels online?

Yes, most hotels in Cocoa Beach can be booked online through various platforms such as, Expedia, or directly through the hotel’s website.

Are there budget-friendly hotels in Cocoa Beach?

Yes, there are budget-friendly hotel options in Cocoa Beach. Prices can vary, so it’s recommended to compare rates and read reviews before booking.

What are the popular attractions near Cocoa Beach hotels?

Popular attractions near Cocoa Beach include Kennedy Space Center, Port Canaveral, Cocoa Beach Pier, and the Cocoa Beach Boardwalk.

Do Cocoa Beach hotels offer shuttle services to Port Canaveral?

Some hotels in Cocoa Beach provide shuttle services to Port Canaveral, especially if they cater to cruise passengers. It’s advisable to check with the hotel directly.

Are there hotels with beachfront views in Cocoa Beach?

Yes, several hotels in Cocoa Beach offer beachfront views. It’s recommended to specify this preference when booking.


In conclusion, Cocoa Beach offers a diverse range of hotels to suit various preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for beachfront luxury hotel, budget-friendly accommodations, or family-friendly options, Cocoa Beach has something to offer. The area’s proximity to attractions like Kennedy Space Center and Port Canaveral, coupled with its reputation as a surfing destination, makes it a popular choice for tourists.

When choosing a hotel in Cocoa Beach, it’s important to consider factors such as location, amenities, and guest reviews. Many hotels in the area provide beachfront views, easy access to the ocean, and proximity to dining and entertainment options.

It’s recommended to check for pet policies if you’re traveling with pets and to explore online booking platforms or the hotel’s official website for the latest rates and promotions. Additionally, being aware of the local attractions and events can enhance your overall experience during your stay in Cocoa Beach.

Let’s enjoy your stay at Cocoa Beach Hotels.