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Hotel And Motel Rooms For Rent $125 A Week – Book Hotel Compare

Rooms For Rent $125 A Week

For those in search of affordable and flexible accommodation solutions, the option of renting a room for $125 a week presents a practical and economical choice. This budget-friendly arrangement caters to individuals seeking short-term stays or those looking to minimize their housing expenses.

Rooms For Rent $125 A Week
Rooms For Rent $125 A Week

Whether it’s for travelers, students, or individuals on a tight budget, rooms for rent $125 a week provide a cost-effective alternative without compromising on the essentials.

In this article, we’ll explore the appeal of such accommodations, highlighting the advantages and considerations associated with opting for rooms available at this price point, and how they serve as a viable solution for those prioritizing both frugality and convenience in their housing choices.

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Find Rooms For Rent $125 A Week

Finding rooms for rent $125 a week can depend on various factors such as location, amenities, and the housing market in a specific area. Here are some additional details and considerations when looking for rooms in this price range:

Location: The cost of rooms for rent can vary significantly based on the city or neighborhood. Urban areas and popular neighborhoods may have higher prices, while suburban or less-central locations might offer more affordable options.

Shared vs. Private Accommodation: The type of accommodation you’re seeking will impact the price. Shared spaces or rooms in a shared house/apartment are generally more affordable than private studios or one-bedroom apartments.

Utilities and Amenities: Consider whether the rent includes utilities such as electricity, water, internet, and other amenities. Some places may have these costs included, while others may require additional payments.

Furnished or Unfurnished: The rental price may also depend on whether the room is furnished or unfurnished. Furnished rooms often come at a higher cost but can be more convenient for those without furniture.

Lease Terms: Some places may offer weekly rentals, while others might require a monthly commitment. Be sure to clarify the lease terms and any associated fees or discounts for longer-term commitments.

Shared Living Spaces: If you’re considering shared accommodation, inquire about the common areas (kitchen, bathroom, living room) and the rules regarding their use.

Safety and Neighborhood: Research the safety of the neighborhood where the room is located. Online reviews, crime rates, and the general atmosphere of the area are important considerations.

Transportation: Consider the proximity to public transportation or parking availability, depending on your transportation needs.

To find rooms in this price range, continue checking online platforms such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or specialized roommate websites. Additionally, local community bulletin boards, newspapers, and word of mouth can be valuable resources.

Always exercise caution, verify the legitimacy of listings, and thoroughly communicate with potential landlords or roommates before making any commitments.

Benefits of Staying At Weekly Rented Rooms

Staying at weekly rented rooms can offer several benefits, catering to various needs and preferences of individuals. Here are some advantages:

Cost-Effective: Weekly rentals are often more cost-effective than monthly rentals or traditional leases. This can be especially beneficial for individuals on a tight budget, short-term visitors, or those in transitional phases.

Flexibility: Weekly rentals provide greater flexibility for travelers, students, or individuals with uncertain schedules. This flexibility allows for easier adaptation to changing plans or the need to relocate quickly.

Temporary Accommodation: For individuals in need of short-term accommodation, weekly rentals are an ideal solution. This could include business travelers, tourists, or people waiting for their permanent housing to become available.

No Long-Term Commitment: Weekly rentals typically do not require a long-term commitment. This is advantageous for individuals who may not be certain about the duration of their stay or those who prefer not to be tied down by a lengthy lease.

Affordable Transition: Weekly rentals can serve as an affordable and convenient transition option for those moving to a new city or waiting for a permanent residence to become available.

Furnished Options: Many weekly rentals come fully furnished, eliminating the need to invest in furniture for a short stay. This convenience is particularly appealing to travelers or those not wanting the hassle of moving furniture.

Utilities Included: Some weekly rentals include utilities in the overall cost. This simplifies budgeting and avoids the need to set up and manage separate utility accounts.

Ease of Finding Accommodation: Weekly rentals are often easier to find and secure compared to longer-term leases. This is beneficial for those looking for immediate or temporary housing solutions.

Exploration of Neighborhoods: For individuals new to an area, staying in a weekly rental allows them to explore different neighborhoods before committing to a more permanent living arrangement.

Shared Accommodation Options: Weekly rentals often include shared living spaces, such as shared houses or apartments with individual rooms for rent. This provides an opportunity for social interaction and can be more affordable than renting an entire property.

Before opting for a weekly rental, it’s crucial to thoroughly research and communicate with the landlord or property manager. Understanding the terms, conditions, and amenities associated with the weekly rental is essential to ensure a comfortable and satisfactory stay.

10 Best Rooms For Rent $125 A Week

We have compiled a list of 10 best weekly rooms for rent under $125 out of hundreds of options. You can have look on this table for better understanding.

Room Name/ListingLocationPrice per WeekAmenities IncludedLease TermsFurnished
Cozy RetreatDowntown City$125Wi-Fi, Kitchen AccessWeekly/MonthlyYes
Urban HavenSuburban Neighborhood$125Parking, Laundry on-siteWeeklyYes
Sunny GetawayArts District$125Private Bathroom, A/CWeekly/MonthlyNo
Tranquil OasisQuiet Suburb$125Furnished, Shared KitchenWeekly/MonthlyYes
City Views LoftCity Center$125Gym Access, Rooftop PatioWeekly/MonthlyYes
Suburban GemSuburban Location$125Kitchenette, Weekly MaidWeekly/MonthlyYes
Artsy RetreatArtsy District$125Free Parking, Artistic DecorWeeklyYes
Riverside EscapeRiverside Area$125Riverfront Access, BreakfastWeeklyYes
Budget BlissCity Outskirts$125Basic Amenities, Quiet AreaWeeklyYes
CoLiving HavenCentral Location$125CoLiving Spaces, EventsWeekly/MonthlyYes
Best Rooms for Rent $125 A Week

How To Search Weekly Rooms for Rent?

Searching for weekly rooms for rent involves using various methods and platforms. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you in your search:

1. Online Platforms:

Craigslist: Visit the “Rooms & Shares” section in the housing category. Filter by your location and budget.

Facebook Marketplace: Explore the “Rooms for Rent” or “Housing” section. Adjust filters based on your preferences.

Roommate Websites: Utilize dedicated roommate websites such as Roomster, Roomi, or EasyRoommate.

2. Real Estate Apps:

Check real estate apps like Zillow,, or Trulia. Adjust filters to find rooms within your budget.

3. Hotel Booking Platforms:

Explore hotel booking platforms like, Expedia, or Airbnb. Filter for weekly rates.

4. Local Classifieds:

Check local newspapers, community bulletin boards, or classified ad websites. Look for both online and printed listings.

5. Student Housing Services:

If you’re a student, check with your university or college’s housing services for affordable weekly room options.

6. Networking:

Inform friends, family, or colleagues about your search. Word of mouth can sometimes lead to hidden opportunities.

7. Real Estate Agents:

Reach out to local real estate agents. Some handle short-term rentals or shared accommodations.

8. Housing Events:

Attend local housing fairs or expos where landlords and property managers may showcase available weekly rooms.

9. Community Centers:

Check community centers or religious organizations for bulletin boards with room listings.

10. Visit Open Houses:

Attend open houses or tours arranged by landlords. It provides a firsthand look at available weekly rooms.

Tips for Effective Searching:

Use Specific Keywords: Include terms like “weekly rental,” “short-term stay,” or “temporary housing” in your search queries.

Set Alerts: If possible, set up email alerts for new listings within your specified budget range.

Verify Listings: Be cautious and verify the legitimacy of listings before contacting landlords. Scams can be present in online listings.

Negotiate Terms: Don’t be afraid to negotiate terms, especially if you plan to stay for an extended period.

Read Reviews: If available, read reviews from previous tenants to get insights into the property and landlord.

Inspect the Property: If feasible, visit the property before committing to ensure it meets your expectations.

Understand Lease Terms: Clarify lease terms, including the duration, any deposit requirements, and any additional fees.

Why People Are Searching For Weekly Rooms For Rent?

People search for weekly rooms for rent for a variety of reasons, and the decision is often influenced by specific circumstances or preferences. Here are some common reasons why individuals may opt for weekly rentals:

Short-Term Stay: Some people need temporary accommodation for a short duration, such as business travelers, tourists, or individuals in between permanent housing arrangements.

Flexibility: Weekly rentals offer flexibility in terms of lease duration. This flexibility is beneficial for those with uncertain schedules or plans, allowing them to adapt their housing arrangements quickly.

Weekly Rooms For Rent
Weekly Rooms For Rent

Affordability: Weekly rentals can be more cost-effective for individuals on a tight budget. This is especially true for those who may not need a traditional monthly lease and prefer to pay for accommodation on a weekly basis.

Transitional Periods: Individuals going through transitional phases, such as relocation, waiting for permanent housing, or exploring a new city, may choose weekly rentals as a convenient and temporary solution.

Short-Term Projects or Assignments: Professionals or students involved in short-term projects, internships, or academic assignments may seek weekly rentals as they align with the duration of their commitments.

Exploration of Areas: People exploring different neighborhoods or cities may opt for weekly rentals to get a feel for the area before committing to a long-term lease or purchase.

Budget Travel: Budget-conscious travelers may prefer weekly room rentals as an economical alternative to standard hotels, allowing them to allocate their resources more efficiently during their trip.

Flexibility in Housing Options: Some individuals prefer the flexibility of moving between different accommodations or neighborhoods frequently. Weekly rentals provide an opportunity to explore diverse living spaces.

Emergency Situations: In situations where individuals find themselves in sudden need of housing due to emergencies or unexpected circumstances, weekly rentals offer a quick and short-term solution.

Testing Compatibility: Individuals seeking roommates or shared housing arrangements might start with a weekly rental to test compatibility with potential housemates before committing to a longer lease.

Avoiding Long-Term Commitments: Those who are uncertain about their long-term plans or those who prefer not to commit to a lengthy lease may choose weekly rentals as they offer more manageable and shorter commitments.

It’s important to note that the reasons for seeking weekly rooms for rent can vary widely among individuals. The choice often depends on the specific needs, preferences, and circumstances of each person at a particular point in time.

$199 Weekly Hotel Near Me

If you’re searching for accommodations that offer affordability and convenience, a $199 weekly hotel might be a suitable option for your stay. These establishments typically cater to both short-term and extended-stay guests, providing a cost-effective solution for travelers, professionals, or individuals in transitional periods.

Whether you’re on a business trip, relocating, or simply exploring a new area, the appeal of a $199 weekly hotel lies in its balance between cost savings and the flexibility of a short-term stay.

Let’s explore the features and advantages that make these hotels an attractive choice for budget-conscious individuals seeking comfort and convenience.

$100 A Week Extended Stay

Finding extended stay for $100 a week can be a budget-friendly option for those looking for affordable and temporary housing. Extended stay arrangements typically cater to individuals with short-term housing needs, such as travelers, students, or those in transitional phases. Here’s a brief overview:

Cost-Effective: The primary advantage is affordability, making it an economical choice for individuals on a tight budget or those seeking short-term solutions without breaking the bank.

Basic Amenities: While amenities can vary, extended stay options often provide basic necessities such as a bed, kitchenette, and bathroom facilities. Some may offer additional features like Wi-Fi, cable TV, or on-site laundry.

Extended Stay Room
Extended Stay Room

Flexible Lease Terms: Extended stay accommodations typically offer flexibility in lease terms, allowing occupants to rent on a weekly or monthly basis. This flexibility is beneficial for those with uncertain plans or short-term commitments.

Short-Term Housing: Suited for short-term needs, these accommodations are ideal for travelers, students, or individuals waiting for more permanent housing solutions.

Kitchen Facilities: Many extended stay options include kitchen facilities, allowing occupants to prepare their meals. This can contribute to additional cost savings by reducing reliance on dining out.

Basic Furnishings: While furnishings might be basic, extended stay rooms are generally equipped with essential items for a comfortable stay. This can include a bed, table, chairs, and storage.

Weekly Rates: The weekly rate of $100 makes it an accessible option for those seeking temporary accommodation without the commitment of a longer-term lease.

$150 Weekly Motels

People search for $150 weekly motels for various reasons, and the appeal of these accommodations lies in their affordability, flexibility, and suitability for certain situations. Here are common reasons why individuals may seek out $150 weekly motels:

Affordability: For individuals on tight budgets, $150 a week represents a cost-effective option, making it accessible to a broader demographic.

Transitional Periods: During transitional phases, such as relocation, waiting for permanent housing, or exploring a new city, people often look for short-term stay options like weekly motels.

Budget Travelers: Travelers, including tourists or business professionals, appreciate the economical nature of $150 weekly motels, allowing them to allocate their budget more efficiently during their trip.

Flexibility: Weekly Motels often provide flexible lease terms, accommodating those with short-term housing needs. This flexibility is valuable for individuals with uncertain plans or temporary commitments.

Necessities Included: Despite the lower cost, $150 weekly motels typically offer essential amenities such as a bed, bathroom, and sometimes kitchen facilities, providing the basic necessities for a comfortable stay.

Short-Term Professionals: Individuals on short-term work assignments or projects may prefer the convenience and simplicity of weekly motels, avoiding the need for a more extended lease.

In essence, the popularity of searching for $150 weekly motels is rooted in the practicality of finding cost-effective, short-term lodging that meets specific budgetary constraints and transient housing needs. These motels offer a balance between affordability and the essential comforts required for a temporary stay.

FAQs on Weekly Rooms for Rent

Where can I find rooms for rent $125 a week?

You can find such rooms on various online platforms like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and dedicated roommate websites. Additionally, local classifieds, community bulletin boards, and word of mouth can be valuable resources.

What amenities are typically included in rooms for rent at this price?

Amenities can vary, but common inclusions are Wi-Fi, basic furnishings, kitchen access, and utilities. It’s essential to check each listing for specific details.

Are these rooms usually furnished?

Some rooms may come furnished, while others may be unfurnished. It depends on the specific listing, so be sure to inquire about the furnishings when contacting landlords.

Can I negotiate the weekly rent for a room?

Negotiation is possible in some cases, especially if you are willing to commit to a longer stay. It’s advisable to discuss this directly with the landlord.

What should I consider before renting a room at this price?

Consider the location, amenities, lease terms, and any additional costs. Verify the legitimacy of listings, read reviews if available, and communicate directly with landlords to clarify any questions.

Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of?

Hidden fees are not uncommon, so it’s crucial to ask about any additional costs such as security deposits, cleaning fees, or utility charges.

Can I find pet-friendly rooms at this price?

Some rooms may be pet-friendly, but it’s essential to check the specific pet policy of each listing. Not all landlords allow pets, and there may be additional fees.

Are these rooms suitable for short-term stays?

Yes, many rooms at this price point cater to short-term stays, making them suitable for travelers, students, or individuals in transitional periods.


In conclusion, rooms for rent $125 a week provide a cost-effective and flexible housing solution, catering to short-term stays, budget-conscious individuals, and those in transitional phases. The affordability, diverse amenities, and negotiation potential make these rentals a practical choice for various housing needs.

Thorough research and direct communication with landlords are essential for a secure and satisfactory living experience.

Best of luck for Rooms for rent $125 A week.