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9 Cheap Hotel And Motel Deals With Discounts Under $39/Night

Best Cheap Motels Near Me in Price from $39/night

When you’re on the road and seeking affordable accommodations without breaking the bank, cheap motels near me are often the go-to option for savvy travelers.

Motels Near Me
Motels Near Me

These budget-friendly lodgings offer a simple and no-frills experience, making them an attractive choice for those who prioritize savings over luxurious amenities.

Cheap motels can be found all over the world, from small towns to bustling cities and along major highways. They cater to a diverse range of travelers, including road-trippers, backpackers, students, and anyone seeking a quick and economical place to rest their head.

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Typically, these motels provide basic amenities such as a comfortable bed, private bathroom, and perhaps some essential furnishings like a small table and chairs. While they may not offer the bells and whistles of upscale hotels, they serve their purpose as a convenient stopover for weary travelers.

It’s easy to learn how to get cheap motel rates at the Super 8 Motel, especially when you know where to look. The internet is very reliable when it comes to such things. Emergency motel vouchers online for the homeless near me book here.

Find Cheap Motels Near Me

All you have to do is use a search engine and you will get good results at the same time. Once, my friends and I decided to see a concert. As it is too far from home, we chose a motel, in this case a Super 8 motel, as it is close to the place.

Many cheap motels also provide other facilities like free Wi-Fi, parking spaces, and vending machines for snacks and drinks. Some might even have a swimming pool or a small breakfast area. However, it’s essential to remember that the focus here is on affordability rather than luxury.

One of the main advantages of staying in cheap motels is their affordability, which allows travelers to allocate more of their budget to other experiences during their journey. Additionally, these motels are often conveniently located near major highways and attractions, making them an ideal choice for travelers on the move.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all cheap motels offer the same level of cleanliness and service. Reading reviews from previous guests can help you gauge the quality of a particular motel and make an informed decision before booking.

We connect to the Internet mainly to make reservations easily and, from there. We find several sites, including the official one, with lists of promotions for the mentioned cheap motels near me no deposit. With that, we were able to get a better deal than what we originally intended to get.

One of them is that we could save a percentage by making reservations days in advance. We even got a better deal when we found sites with cheap hotel near me coupons on them. With all this surfing, we got a perfectly good fix.

Benefits of Staying Cheap Motels

Staying in cheap motels can offer several benefits, particularly for budget-conscious travelers. While they may not provide the same level of luxury and amenities as higher-priced accommodations, cheap motels can be an excellent choice for specific types of travelers and situations. Here are some benefits of staying in cheap motels:

Cost-Effective: The most obvious advantage of cheap motels is their affordability. They offer lower room rates compared to upscale hotels, allowing travelers to save money on accommodations and allocate their budget for other experiences during their trip.

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Convenience and Accessibility: Cheap motels are often strategically located near major highways, popular tourist attractions, or in city centers. This makes them a convenient choice for travelers looking for a quick stopover or easy access to nearby destinations.

Ideal for Short Stays: If you’re on a road trip and need a place to rest for a night or two, a cheap motel can be a practical option. They provide the basics you need for a comfortable stay without the frills that might not be necessary for a short stop.

Flexibility: Cheap motels near me usually offer more flexibility in terms of booking and cancellation policies. Some may not require advance reservations, and you might be able to book a room on the spot.

Wi-Fi and Basic Amenities: While cheap motels may not have extensive amenities, many of them do offer basic facilities such as free Wi-Fi, parking, and in-room essentials like a private bathroom, TV, and air conditioning.

Pet-Friendly Options: Some cheap motels are pet-friendly, allowing you to bring along your furry companions without incurring additional costs.

Meeting Basic Needs: For travelers who are primarily seeking a place to rest, shower, and sleep, cheap motels can fulfill these basic needs without unnecessary frills.

Local Experience: Staying in a cheap motel can provide a more authentic and local experience, as they are often independently owned and operated, giving you a glimpse into the local culture and hospitality.

No Membership Requirements: Unlike some upscale hotel chains, cheap motels typically do not require membership or loyalty program participation, making them accessible to all travelers.

It’s important to note that while cheap motels can be a great option for many travelers, they may not always offer the same level of comfort, cleanliness, or security as higher-end accommodations. Reading reviews and checking the motel’s reputation can help ensure a more positive experience.

Top 9 Motels Under $39 Per Night

There are hundreds of cheap motels around the country. Out of them we have compiled a list of 9 most popular motels with cheap rates for you. Check it out:

SL.No.Motel NameRate Per NightAmenities
1.Budget Haven Inn$35Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Air Conditioning
2.Cozy Corner Motel$38Breakfast, On-site Laundry, Pet-Friendly
3.Roadside Lodge $32Parking, 24-hour Front Desk, TV
4.Sleepytime Motel$39Free Breakfast, Swimming Pool, Wi-Fi
5.EconoStay Express$36Parking, Air Conditioning, Vending Machine
6.RestEZ Inn Mountain$37Pet-Friendly, Kitchenette, BBQ Area
7.Quick Rest Motel$3324-hour Check-in, TV, Microwave
8.Pennywise Lodge$38Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Mini-Fridge
9.StayEasy Budget Inn$34Breakfast, On-site Restaurant, Free Wi-Fi
Cheap Motels With Affordable Rates

Hourly Motels Near Me

Hourly motels, also known as short-stay motels or microstay motels, are establishments that offer accommodations for a short period, typically charged on an hourly basis. These motels cater to travelers who require a place to rest, freshen up, or relax for a brief duration, rather than booking a room for an entire day or night.

Common Uses of Hourly Motels:

Travel Layovers: Travelers with long layovers between flights or other modes of transportation can use hourly motels to rest and freshen up without booking a full-night stay.

Business Travelers: Business professionals may use hourly motels as temporary workspaces or for short breaks during busy schedules.

Transit Passengers: Travelers in transit, such as during a long road trip, can utilize hourly motels for quick rests and relaxation.

Intimate Moments: Couples seeking a private space for intimate moments or to spend quality time together can opt for hourly motels.

Daytime Rest: Individuals needing a few hours of rest during the day, such as after a night shift or before an evening event, can find hourly motels suitable.

It’s important to note that the availability and legality of hourly motels can vary by location and local regulations. Some countries or regions may have restrictions on hourly motel operations.

Additionally, because of their nature and purpose, hourly motels may not always offer the same level of comfort or services as traditional hotels, so travelers should be mindful of their specific needs and preferences when choosing such accommodations.

Cheap Motels Near Me Under $50

Finding cheap motels under $50 can be a great way to save money on accommodations during your travels. Keep in mind that motel rates can vary depending on location, season, and availability, so prices may not be consistent across all locations. Here are some general tips for finding cheap motels under $50:

Online Hotel Booking Websites: Utilize popular hotel booking websites like,, Expedia, or Kayak to search for motels offering rates under $50. You can use the filters on these websites to set your budget and find affordable options.

Mobile Apps: Download hotel booking apps like HotelTonight, which often feature last-minute deals and discounts, including motels under $50.

Check Directly with Motels: Some motels may offer better rates if you contact them directly. Use their websites or phone numbers to inquire about their current rates and any ongoing promotions.

Consider Location: Motels located in less touristy or expensive areas are more likely to offer lower rates. If you’re willing to stay a bit further from the city center or popular attractions, you might find cheaper options.

Midweek Stays: Weekends and peak travel times tend to have higher rates. Consider booking your stay during the week to potentially get better deals.

Loyalty Programs and Memberships: Some motel chains offer special rates or discounts to members of their loyalty programs. Sign up for these programs to take advantage of any savings.

Read Reviews: Before booking a cheap motel, read reviews from previous guests to ensure it meets your basic needs for cleanliness, safety, and comfort.

Remember that while cheap motels can be budget-friendly, they may offer limited amenities compared to higher-priced accommodations. However, if your priority is saving money and having a place to rest, cheap motels can be a suitable choice for your travels.

Super 8 Motel

The Super 8 Motel we stayed in had an excellent location. But we found that it was also close to other destinations that we could visit in our spare time while waiting for the concert.

We got all of this with the help of coupons that turned our bill into a very affordable price. It’s amazing what a little research on the Internet can do. Also, these cheap motels near me have expanded in various places.

So if you want to stay at these great motels. So you need to find out how to get cheap Super 8 Motel rates over the internet.

Cheap But Comfortable Motels in California

California is located in the western coastal area of ​​the United States to stay in long term motels near me. The state is about 200 miles wide from the western Pacific shores to the eastern deserts that border the states of Arizona and Nevada. It is bordered to the south by Mexico and to the north by the state of Oregon, a stretch of almost 900 miles.

Cheap Motels Near Me Under $39/night
Cheap Motels Near Me Under $39/night

California is blessed with several geological features that cover almost the entire length and breadth of the state. These create a variety of unique climates and landscapes that make California an excellent place for tourists.

In fact, the California coastline stretches from the soft sand tropical beaches of San Diego to the rugged northern shores near Oregon. The waters of the Pacific are warm in the southern part of the state. It is reason enough for tourists who love surfing to flock to its beaches dotted with palm trees.

In the north, the waters are colder and the sandy beaches are scarcer. But this lack is amply compensated by a more picturesque coastline. Swimming and hiking take a back seat in Northern California. Also visiting isolated beaches to observe sea otters, seals, birds or whales are the most popular activities for tourists.

Emergency motel vouchers online for the homeless near me under $30.

There are many cheap near me motels in California that do good business with tourists heading to visit the state’s many vacation spots.

The following are some of the relatively inexpensive motels that cater to the needs of tourists and locals alike. Get motel 6 near me huge lists to choose a proper motel rooms.

Motel 6 Near Me

Motel 6 is a well-known budget motel chain in the United States and Canada. It was founded in 1962 and has since grown to become one of the largest economy motel chains in North America. Motel 6 is recognized for its straightforward approach, affordable rates, and signature “We’ll leave the light on for you” slogan.

Key Features of Motel 6:

Affordability: Motel 6 is known for its low room rates, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers, road trippers, and those seeking a no-frills accommodation option.

Standardized Rooms: The rooms at Motel 6 are generally simple and functional, offering the basics needed for a comfortable stay. While amenities may vary by location, most rooms typically include a bed, a private bathroom, a TV, and free Wi-Fi.

Pet-Friendly: Many Motel 6 locations are pet-friendly, allowing guests to bring their furry companions along for the stay, often at no additional cost.

Convenient Locations: Motel 6 properties are strategically located near major highways, airports, and popular tourist destinations, providing easy access to travelers on the move.

24-Hour Front Desk: Most Motel 6 locations offer 24-hour front desk service, ensuring guests can check-in or seek assistance at any time.

As with any chain, the quality and amenities may vary from one location to another. It’s essential to check reviews and consider specific location features before booking. Motel 6 is often a popular choice for travelers looking for budget accommodations without compromising on convenience and accessibility.

Vagabond Inn Sacramento Midtown

The Vagabond Inn is 12 miles from the Sacramento International Airport and within walking distance of local attractions. And its including the California State Railroad Museum, Fort State Historical Park, Old Sacramento, and the ARCO Arena, home of the Sacramento Kings of the NBA.

Vagabond amenities include a continental breakfast, free weekday newspaper, free parking and free local calls, free incoming faxes, a pool and spa. Rooms feature data ports, cable TV, free Internet access, and work tables with lamps.

Half Moon Motel

Half Moon Motel is located on Sepulveda Blvd. in Culver City. This offers non-smoking rooms, air conditioning and free Internet access.

It is just a few blocks or minutes from some of California’s iconic landmarks like Disneyland, Sony Studios, Downtown Los Angeles, Century City Beverly Hills and Dodger Stadium, Universal Studios, Chinatown, Getty Center, and many others.

And it conveniently close to great restaurants and a community park where guests can dine and perhaps relax for a few minutes. Also offers free parking and constant maid service.

Ayres Inn Alpine Motel

Ayres Inn Alpine is located near the Cleveland National Forest. Three miles from Viejas, 30 miles from downtown San Diego and about 40 miles from the city of Tijuana, Mexico. Alpine offers a comfortable lobby with pleasant furnishings, European decor, and charming outdoor patios.

There is a heated pool where guests can swim and a Jacuzzi where you can relax your tired limbs. For some stretching exercises, Alpine has a gym.

Hotel guests are offered a complimentary continental breakfast as part of the room rate. Although Alpine does not have a restaurant, there are great places to eat nearby. There is also a gathering place for guests, free morning newspapers, quick dry cleaning service in cheap motels near me.

Affordable Motels Near Me with Ratings

SL. NoMotel NamesMotel LocationMotel Ratings
1.Boots Court Motel107 S Garrison Ave, Carthage, MO 648364.7
2.Super 8 by WyndhamWorldwide4.8
3.Caribbean Motel5600 Ocean Ave, Wildwood Crest, NJ 082604.4
4.Holiday InnWorldwide4.5
5.Munger-Moss MotelLebanon, Missouri4.3
6.Park MotelDenison, Iowa3.9
7.Motel 6 Memphis, TN – East1585 Sycamore View Rd, Memphis, TN 38134, United States4.2
8.Red Roof InnUnited States4.1
9.West Winds MotelUnited States4.3
10.Rodeway InnUnited States and Canada3.9
List of Motels in USA

Cheap Motels Near Me Under $40

When it comes to motels near me under $40, then always people think that it will be not so good. But, hotels and motels under $40 are best for every budget traveller. If you want to take relaxation, then choose cheap motels near me under $40. Enjoy more with motels with pools near me. Grab the perfect motel prices near me.

In these days, you can find affordable motel rooms near me easily on internet. Hence, BookHotelCompare gives you the best hotel and motel deals under your affordable range for travelling. Search now for motels under $50 for budget friendly travels. Monthly motels near me allow you to extended your stay at cheap motels near my location.

The plain and simple rooms can accommodate up to 5 people and are equipped with tables, chairs, microwave, mini fridge and television as standard. Suites have full size sofa beds behind a partition, and connecting rooms are also available. Nearest motel 6 rooms are also affordable and motels around me may be best for you.

Includes continental breakfast. Other facilities include a lobby selling tickets to major attractions, an outdoor pool with sun loungers, and a playground. Make an amazing experience by booking motels with jacuzzi near me.

Motels That Rent by the Week Near Me

A weekly motel, also known as an extended-stay motel or long-term stay motel, is a type of accommodation that offers rooms for rent on a weekly basis instead of the typical daily rate found in most hotels.

These motels are designed to cater to guests who need temporary lodging for a more extended period, ranging from a few days to several weeks or even months.

When we started organizing a trip to the USA. The first big headache occurs when looking for weekly motels near me, as it is usually very expensive and the majority of the budget goes there.

Motels That Rent by the Week Near Me
Motels That Rent by the Week Near Me

Here are some tricks to help you book cheap weekly rate motels near me in the United States.

Through my efforts with the internet, I have been able to find information on excellent but affordable accommodation with weekly rates. You can also book online cheap weekly motels.

On the official motel site, anyone can book motels under $200 in a week in less than a few minutes without leaving their home. Check out top latest deals on cheap motels near me under $20.

$300 A Month Motel Near Me

Monthly motels are really cheap in price. Average monthly motel rates are pocket-friendly for everyone. Hotels large and small, luxurious or no-frills, have a room that perfectly suits your lifestyle helps to fill the hotel’s guest list. But long-term otel stays are expensive, right? A look at the daily rate for 30 days or more could break the bank.

The price of renting hotel rooms for a month or more isn’t prohibitive when you can find great deals here.

To find good hotels for monthly room rental near my location you need to find a monthly rate to make it worth it. A guest services manager understands that any vacant room is lost profit and may be willing to negotiate a discounted rate for monthly motel stays.

Also travelers can check out studio 6 near me. If you are looking for nearby accomodation then try nearest motel near me.

Low Cost Extended Stay Hotels and Motels

Maximize your stay without breaking your budget with our affordable weekly, bi-weekly and monthly rates. Whether you are on duty, moving between apartments or just want to extend your vacation a bit, we know that night after night in a hotel can add up. You can see the compare prices of cheap motels near me for your stay.

You can live to work cheaply for a fraction of the cost. Instead of paying high prices to stay in the busy downtown area or close to your friends and family, you can rent a hotel room for a month or more.

On internet you can easily search closest motel to me. Browse your location and find out closest motel to me. Explore extended stay motels near me for long term stays.

Extended Stay Hotel App helps you to compare weekly hotel deals from various online hotel booking apps worldwide.

We offer cheap weekly hotels from the best hotel booking websites such as booking com, ESA (Extended Stay America), Hometogo, Agoda, Airbnb, Dayuse, Roomscanner, Expedia, Bag2Bag, Tripadvisor, Sublet, Choice Hotels,, Nestpick, Hotwire, Motel 6, Priceline com etc.

Get the best deals, deals and discounts on your weekly hotel booking and make your trip budget friendly.

Top 10 Cheap Hotels Near Me for Tonight Under $30

Even an average cheap motels near me cost $430 per week. That said, the average rent for cheap one-bedroom hotels near me is also much lower, splitting into $310 per week for one bedroom and $360 for a two bedroom. We offer cheap weekly motels near me under your budget.

It can be less expensive or more expensive than renting an apartment, depending on your standard of living and how you can deduct expenses. So you will probably rent cheap hotel rooms near me, say on average two nights a month at $160 a night. For instant few hours stay book hourly motels near me.

The motels feature four-poster beds, mahogany cabinets, television, coffeemaker, telephone and desk, mini-refrigerator, iron and ironing board.

FAQs On Cheap Motels

What are motels with cheap rates?

Motels with cheap rates are accommodation establishments that offer affordable lodging options at a lower cost compared to traditional hotels. These motels are often referred to as budget motels or economy motels.

Are motels with cheap rates safe to stay in?

The safety of motels with cheap rates can vary. It’s essential to read reviews from previous guests and check the motel’s ratings and reputation.

Look for motels with good security measures and positive feedback from customers to ensure a safer stay.

How can I find motels with cheap rates?

You can find motels with cheap rates by conducting an online search using travel websites and hotel booking platforms. Many websites allow you to filter search results by price range, making it easy to find budget-friendly options.

Can I book motels with cheap rates for an extended stay?

Yes, many motels near me with cheap rates offer extended-stay options, often with discounted weekly or monthly rates. If you need temporary lodging for a longer period, inquire about their extended-stay packages.

Are motels with cheap rates pet-friendly?

Some budget motels may be pet-friendly, while others may have restrictions or additional fees for pets. If you are traveling with pets, it’s crucial to check the motel’s pet policy before booking.

Do motels with cheap rates provide breakfast?

Complimentary breakfast is not common in budget motels. However, some may offer simple continental breakfast options or have nearby restaurants where guests can purchase breakfast.


Motels near me continue to be a significant and valuable component of the hospitality industry, catering to various types of travelers seeking convenience, affordability, and simplicity. Their strategic locations along highways and major roads make them easily accessible for road trippers and those passing through different destinations.

While some motels may offer basic amenities, they play a crucial role in providing a place to rest and refresh for travelers on a budget.

When considering a motel for your stay, it’s essential to research and read reviews to find a reputable and safe option. Motel standards can vary widely, so it’s crucial to assess the quality, cleanliness, and guest experiences to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay.

  • Best Cheap Motels Near Me in Price from $39/night. Emergency motel vouchers online for the homeless near me.