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9 Cool Hotels That Rent by the Month

Hotels That Rent By The Month Near Me

Hotels that rent by the month is quite popular for the present world. This is appropriate for all types of travelers. If you are going to a solo trip and want to explore cities main attractions then you can book a hotel for a month. Business travelers also need to examine their projects for a long period.

How to Find Good Hotels to Rent Rooms by the Month Near My Location?

They also can check hotels with monthly rates. For a change of daily life, new couples also can enjoy their life in a monthly hotel. Check out the full guide article for cheap hotels near my reservation.

We offer some discounts now at hotel rooms for rent $100 a week for every traveler. Reserve hotels for rent near me at any location.

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Find Hotels That Rent By the Month

Want a discover so many best tourist attractions within a low-cost budget? Yes, it is possible with us. Explore the city for a week or even for a month with pocket-friendly rates. This is true that hotels that rent by the month can be a little expensive, but if you use our coupon codes then it will be cheaper than your think.

Check out all monthly hotel booking deals and discounts with comparing among the top 10 websites.

Can you rent hotel rooms by the month?

Not only monthly hotels, people are able to book water villas, apartments, resorts, rooms near me etc. In case of rooms near me and hostels near me thir is renting option available for a month.

Hotels That Rent by the Month
Hotels That Rent by the Month

Compare a monthly room rents near me and the rooms booking for a month rates and then book. Also, in many cases the services and features are provided same to customers.

Each of the rooms of hotels that rent by the month, resorts and other accommodations have all the things that a people need to for a month or long. Everything whatever you need including free internet connection, refrigerator, Tv etc.

You don’t have to pay gas bills, electricity bills from your own pocket and that cave save your money a lot. Stay comfortably for a month and more in one month stay near me.

Monthly Hotel Rentals vs Traditional Apartment Rentals

If you’re looking for a different way to live, you may want to consider monthly hotel rentals. There are a ton of them out there, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

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You can find them in downtowns, near the airport, and in any other area you might need a place to stay. And, like with apartments, you can find a rental that’s perfect for you.

You just have to do your research. And, of course, always remember to compare prices.

There’s no sense in paying more than you have to

Benefits of Monthly Hotel Rentals

When it comes to renting a hotel, there are a lot of benefits to consider. For one, renting by the month can save you a lot of money in the long run.

You won’t have to worry about staying in an extended hotel room for long period of time and then having to pay high prices for a month’s worth of room service and amenities.

You can also use this type of rental to see different hotels and find the one that’s perfect for you. You can also rent a hotel by the month to host a business event or to take a vacation with your friends. There are a lot of reasons to rent a hotel by the month, and the options are endless.

So if you are looking for a way to save money and have a lot of flexibility when it comes to your rental, renting by the month is the perfect option for you.

Top Monthly Hotels Near Me

Special rates for month to month hotel rentals near me are very affordable. Are there Cheap Monthly Hotel Rentals Near Me? Let’s check out now.

SL. NoMonthly HotelsAddressRatings
1.Hollywood Casino & Hotel Joliet777 Hollywood Blvd, Joliet, IL 604363.8 star
2.Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino3700 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 891034.0 star
3.Seralago Hotel and Suites5678 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 347462.3 star
4.The New Yorker Hotel481 8th Ave, New York, NY 100014.0 star
5.Emerald Valley Inn235471, 235471 US-101, Port Angeles, WA 983634.7 star
6.SCP Colorado Springs Hotel2850 S Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 809064.2 star
7.Chicago Getaway Hostel616 W Arlington Pl, Chicago, IL 606144.1 star
8.InTown Suites Extended Stay Montgomery AL3670 Richard Rd, Montgomery, AL 361113.2 star
9.Winsor Hotel20 6th St, San Francisco, CA 941033.6 s star
List of top 10 hotels that rent by the month

$300 A Month Motel Near Me

Extended Stay hotels and motels offer many varities of accommodations for travelers.

One of these special offers is $300 a month motel near me. Rent an apartment or a motel for a month under $300. Prices can be differ for locations, reviews etc.

Consider all the policies before booking a stay for a month or more. Renting for long term stays near me are affordable for everyone.

Oh, yes! Not for long terms and hotels that rent by the month only, travelers can book short term hotel stay near me. Select weekly hotel rooms for rent for short term stays.

For weekly stays there is motels under $200 a week near your location too. Choose to stay at month to month hotel rentals.

To get some more flexibiity to your accommodation, book hotel long term rental near me. Check out the cheap monthly hotels near me.

For personal travelers and business travelers there are different types of cheap weekly rooms for rent near me and prices. If you need you can extened your stay for an another month with some little more price.

Not only months also there is hotels with weekly rates is available for our all types of customers. Look at extended stay apartments near me to get furnished room services.

Before booking check out the hotels that let you pay monthly.

Hotels With Monthly Rates

There are many hotels that offer monthly rates for their guests. These rates are usually much cheaper than the daily rates and are ideal for long-term stays. Some hotels that offer monthly rates include:

Extended Stay America: This chain of long term stay hotels is designed for long-term stays and offers affordable rates for guests staying a month or longer.

Residence Inn: This hotel chain offers apartment-style suites that come with fully-equipped kitchens and other amenities. They offer discounted monthly rates for long-term stays.

Homewood Suites: This hotel chain offers suites with full kitchens and other amenities. They also offer special monthly rates for long-term guests.

Staybridge Suites: This hotel chain offers fully-equipped suites with kitchens and other amenities. They offer special monthly rates for guests staying a month or longer.

Candlewood Suites: This hotel chain offers suites with fully-equipped kitchens and other amenities. They offer special rates for guests staying a month or longer.

Marriott ExecuStay: This extended stay hotel chain offers fully-furnished apartments with a variety of amenities. They offer flexible leasing options, including month-to-month leases.

It’s always a good idea to research and compare different hotels with monthly rates before booking to find the best deal that suits your needs.

Tricks To Find Cheap Monthly Hotels Near Me

You can use online search engines or hotel booking websites to find cheap monthly hotels near you. Here are some steps you can follow:

Use a search engine or hotel booking website such as, Expedia, or, and enter your location or zip code.

Use the filter option to select “Monthly Rate” or “Extended Stay” to see hotels that rent by the month.

Sort the results by price to see the cheapest options first.

Look at the hotel amenities and reviews to make sure they meet your needs and standards.

Check the hotel’s website or call them directly to confirm their monthly rates and availability.

Some hotels with monthly rates near your location could be budget hotel chains such as Motel 6, Super 8, or Red Roof Inn, or independent motels that cater to long-term stays.

However, keep in mind that the cheapest hotel options may not always offer the best quality or location, so it’s important to balance price with other factors such as cleanliness, safety, and convenience.

Long Term Stay Hotels

What Are the Benefits of Extended Stay Hotels?

An extended stay hotels that rent by the month offers its guests long term accommodation. With amenities like a launderette and your own kitchen, they are an inexpensive and convenient alternative to renting a traditional apartment.

As guests stay for a longer period of time, extended stay hotels and motels often offer discounted rates for longer stays. They are often homey in style and are often referred to as apartment hotels or serviced apartments.

While these hotels that rent by the month options don’t offer room service or a bar, they do offer more homey amenities like a full kitchen where guests can prepare healthy meals, a separate living room where they can enjoy their favorite TV shows, and an area. of dedicated work where they can make a videoconference.

You can peacefully settle and stay at 1 month hotel rental for a long period of time.

In addition, the room is more spacious and better equipped to accommodate all the loved ones who come with you or arrive by plane to visit. For more flexibility rent a hotel room for a month.

Cheap to luxurious rates are available at monthly rooms near me. The best monthly hotel rates near me are offering often discounts for all travelers. Compare monthly rates at extended stay before booking.

Many long-term accommodations also offer many of the same perks as a hotel, such as free breakfast, housekeeping, a place for guests to exercise, and 24/7 help desk and concierge. week.

There is usually also free WiFi and a washer / dryer in the unit or on site. Save your money at hotel long term stay near me. Our prices can be decreased if you rent motel for a month.

Hotels Near Me With Cheap Weekly Rates

You can stay as long as the property allows, although prices may vary over time. While these hotels can hypothetically accommodate guests for a night or two, most guests find that they stay at least five to seven days as discounts generally apply.

Browse the places to stay for a week near me with top amenities and low-cost. hotels with monthly rental supply the best temporary stays up to one or two months.

Guests of most monthly extended stay hotels can also expect amenities like Wi-Fi and essential utilities to be included in their nightly rate, while other hotels sometimes charge fees for premium options like faster internet and movie rental.

With mid-range options, you’ll also notice differences like coin laundry at extended-stay hotels that rent by the month versus professional on-site laundry services at other hotels.

Additionally, hotels that rent by the week often offer additional seating areas, bars, restaurants, shops, and concierge services, while this is not the norm at the average hotel for longer stays. Check out motels near me with weekly rates now.

All of luxurious suites also offer weekly and mothly rates at monthly suites near me. Not only for a month but also rent a hotel room for 6 months.

How to Find Monthly Stays Near Me?

You can stay at our monthly motel rentals and monthly hotel rentals for one month or as long as you want. Our monthly hotel rooms offer space for short-term jobs, seasonal work, and the academic year. Most hotels do not offer discounts for long-term guests.

Grab affordable rates on motels that rent by the month. Find out here the extended stay rentals near me. with affordable rates.

Reserve a place with us during the summer season or throughout the year as a long-term guest of the monthly resorts.

Make arrangements in a matter of seconds during a bustling summer excursion or experience your first fall setting up camp involvement in limitless admittance to your camping area and the entirety of our fantastic hotel style conveniences.

The most low-cost range you can ever get is from monthly lodging near me.

Let’s find cheap hotels for rent monthly from the list of 3000+ hotels. Book Hotels That Rent by the Month. Long term stay hotels near me rates are affordable for you.

There are long term motel rentals for a month. Explore the monthly hotel stays near me for 2022. Best deals for long term lodging near me will attract you.

Motels That Rent Monthly Near Me

For guests who need to stay more than 30 days, our hotels that rent by the month are the perfect solution for longer accommodations.

Whether you’re staying in motel weekly rentals for a few weeks or as an extended stay, our guests live hassle-free, with no security deposit, application or application fee.

And no long-term rental agreement. hotel 81 rental monthly offer $600 per month for long stays.

Visitor protection and wellbeing are of most extreme need. With no required common indoor spaces and independent units, alongside a thorough and careful cleaning routine, we offer you genuine feelings of serenity for the term of your visit.

Today’s industry offer discounted hotel weekly rentals to all. For one month trip you have to book one month hotel stay.

The average hotels that rent by the month are away on business and needs the convenience of a home without having to take out a second mortgage or lease. They are often drawn to the ability to cook in their own private kitchen and hotel-related perks.

For a month book monthly stay hotels near me. Browse hotels on monthly basis for your vacation, trip, business trip or any personal need.

Weekly Room Rentals Near Me

The first reason is that the people who rent a room in your place are more likely to book a weekly room rental near me than an entire apartment. From this alone one can conclude that they are the people who are not good at managing their money.

Offer them a weekly rate to rent your home so they can save money while you make money. It would also be a great motivation for them. It is a great opinion to book monthly hotels with kitchenettes near me.

They have rooms near me and need to save their rent. Another thing is that people who rent on a monthly basis have a hard time saving for themselves because they only think about paying their rent every time payday comes.

You can also give them the option to rent the room with a friend to keep costs down. Let’s search for motels you can rent by the month.

By doing this, you are helping them resolve their monthly rent payment problem while increasing the chances that they will pay you on time.

They should also include all utility bills in their rent so they don’t wonder if the utility bills are high. We have a huge range of long term hotel rentals near me for you.

Many landlords who rent a room to someone include the food while others don’t. You should also indicate if the tenant has access to things like the yard, garage, or other areas of your home.

If you don’t want a tenant in any of the areas, it’s important to include that in the contract. Enjoy the kitchens, private bathrooms at cheap hotels by the month.

How Can I Get $500 a Month Hotel?

Fortunately, $500 a month motel has a variety of great deals on top monthly hotel stays. Take advantage of special family packages, collect resort credits, enjoy luxurious amenities, free meals and much more.

The hotel months, which are very popular with locals and visitors, run from June to September, so don’t hesitate! Comfort private places from hotel rooms for rent monthly near me give you the best stays.

Some of the $500 a month hotels include free breakfast,WIFI, free parking, TV and access to facilities like the gym and pool. Think if this is a necessity or if you are willing to spend a little more.

Please read the fine print carefully before booking a lodge to avoid surprise fees. Month to month hotels near me give you the services like your home. Just grab extended stay near me monthly rates now!

Long-Term Stay Hotels Near Me

There are several reasons someone might need to stay in condos longer than is typically expected. If you are building a new home, looking to move into an apartment, or need somewhere to stay while your home is repaired after a flood or other disaster, you likely need long-term housing.

Hotels with monthly rates
Hotels With Monthly Rates

You might be in a hurry to find a spot, but you need to do some shopping before signing up for one. Rent a motel for a month.

Condos are different from hotels because they give you a more homelike feel. You have the comfort of a hotel with linens, towels and paper products.

They offer more, however, as they often include private laundry facilities, multiple bedrooms, a kitchen with all the pots and dishes you’ll need, and maybe even a hot tub.

The cost of staying in condos can be higher, but when you look at how much a couple of hotel rooms would cost for your whole family, you’ll see the savings. Being away from home for long periods of time with multiple children can be difficult.

The savings of renting a condo are great, as is the space you will have in one for all your children.

Monthly Suites Near Me

Search hotels that rent by the month now for your 28+ night destination.

Look for our exclusive hotels that rent by the month to save rates.

Prepay for the first 28 nights of your stay at check-in, then pay every 28 nights for the remainder of your stay.

The price you see plus taxes and fees is the price you pay. The price shown is the reduced price for your stay of 28 nights or more.

FAQs On Monthly Hotels

How Much Does It Cost to Live in a Hotel for 1 Month?

The hotel for 1 month costs under $350 near me. Motels cost lower for a month than hotels.

What Kind of Discounts Do Hotels Give if You Rent by the Month?

If you book hotels for one or two night the price can be $30 average. The price will be decrease as per the longer time you will book. So, the average per night cost is less for monthly stays.

Which Month Is the Cheapest to Stay at Hotels?

Generally April, May, July and october are the best months to book the cheapest hotels.

How much does it cost to rent a hotel room by the month?

The cost of renting a hotel room by the month varies depending on the hotel’s location, amenities, and the time of year. Generally, monthly hotel rentals can cost between $800 and $2000 per month.

What is included in a monthly hotel rental?

Monthly hotel rentals typically include a fully furnished room, housekeeping services, utilities such as water and electricity, and access to the hotel’s amenities such as a gym, pool, and parking.

Can I bring my pets to a monthly hotel rental?

Some hotels allow pets, but it’s best to check with the hotel before booking your stay. If the hotel does allow pets, there may be additional fees or restrictions.

What is the cancellation policy for monthly hotel rentals?

The cancellation policy for monthly hotel rentals varies depending on the hotel. Some hotels may require a certain amount of notice before canceling, while others may charge a fee for cancellations. Be sure to check the hotel’s cancellation policy before booking your stay.


Conclusion If you are looking for a way to get more out of your travel experiences, then renting hotels that rent by the month may be the right option for you. Renting a hotel by the month can be a great way to save money on your travel expenses.

You can choose which hotels you want to stay in, and you don’t have to worry about room rates or checkout times. You can also choose a hotel that is close to your destination. This means you won’t have to waste time travelling to and from the hotel.

Renting a hotel by the month can also be a great way to meet new people. You can stay in a different hotel each month, and you can meet new people from all over the world. If you are looking for a way to save money on your travel expenses, then renting a hotel by the month may be the right option for you.

  • Best Of Luck for renting Hotels That Rent by the Month Near Me.