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How to plan for vacation hotel room in cheap rates?

Travel Related QuestionsCategory: Hotel Booking QuestionsHow to plan for vacation hotel room in cheap rates?
Neha Gupta Staff asked 2 years ago

How to plan for vacation hotel room in cheap rates?
So the day you plan your vacation, you looked for some nice deals and booked your favorite hotel room. And of course before booking your hotel, you thoroughly checked the details. Now a days you can easily access all the information on your computer or even on your mobile. If not, don’t worry you can even ask questions at the reception desk  at the time of check-in.
So, after your long journey, when you finally arrive at the reception or help desk of your hotel, it’s better to get ready with certain important documents so that you can have a hassle free check-in.

Here I am sharing 4 important documents which normally the concierge will ask to you:
1.Identity card : This is the first thing which concierge will ask to show to confirm the name of the person who booked the room. So keep your id proof handy. It could be anything like driving licence, State id card or passport. If you are travelling abroad, generally the ask the passport.

2.Confirmation details : In this day and age, people use internet to reserve their rooms and get the confirmation through mail or text msg. So keep your confirmation details safely. In case of email, either you download the details on your phone (offline) or you can get a print out because in case if internet is not working at the time of check-in, you need not to wait. And you can show your credentials easily.

Mode of payment : Once they are assured with the your identification and confirmation details, the third step is the most important step. Payment, yes you have to pay certain amount at the time of your check-in and final settlement has be done when you check-out. So be organized and pay. It is recommended that before your arrival, you call and confirm the payment method of the hotel , you choose. Sometimes it can happen that they do not accept the card, at that time you can pay by cash.
4.Discount Coupon (if any) : Sometimes to promote their hotels, they offer some discount coupons online or give loyalty points to their customers. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to present it to them. You might get a good deal there too.
Generally, these procedures are followed by most of the hotels but at any point you get confused or need any assistance, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Mostly, the concierge and their staffs be really supportive and polite. They will help you out for sure. Happy stay : )