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Do hotels let you check in late?

Travel Related QuestionsCategory: Hotel QuestionsDo hotels let you check in late?
Sony Gupta Staff asked 2 years ago

Do they allow to check in hotels late?? pls help

1 Answers
Sony Gupta Staff answered 2 years ago

Normally when you arrive late, at that time, you are considered a no-show and they may borrow it to others. For this reason, check-in has limit time in most of the hotels. Usually your room will guaranteed enough for the first evening, if they receive payment in advance.
Mostly the end of the check-in time is not specified or sometimes it is not provided. It depends on the particular hotel, but commonly it should be between 10 pm and midnight. If you plan to arrive during that time, please call the hotel and let them know your expected arrival time and approximate reaching time in hotel. Remember to take into consideration the time of landing, luggage storage, customs, immigration, waiting for transport.
There is usually another case when it is clearly specified, when check-in is impossible after a certain time.