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cheap flights and hotel

Dipesh Kumar Staff asked 2 years ago

How do I get cheap flight and hotel deals?

1 Answers
Raima Roy Staff answered 2 years ago

In the end of summer, there are times when the best travel and vacation information of the year is ripe for hunting. When the heat decays and the leaves start a color show once a year, it is the best time to infiltrate the last escape path before the vacation now.
For maximum savings, consider the off seasons in Alaska, New Orleans, Seattle, Budapest, Greece, Morocco, etc in the U.S. Also consider waiting for a better time rather than booking a trip to an expensive area that refers to the uplift of people who visited in the fall, such as New England, California, Arizona, many of the New Mexico desert areas please.
You can book your hotel online apps like kayak (https://medium.com/@raimaroy.roy/kayak-hotel-booking-discount-up-to-80-off-3f12120d490) and book your cheapest flight ticket from goole flights with confidence (https://medium.com/@raimaroy.roy/google-flights-with-confidence-d4df4ef3618)
Thank you.