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Can you use a debit card to rent a hotel?

Travel Related QuestionsCategory: Rental QuestionsCan you use a debit card to rent a hotel?
Sony Gupta Staff asked 2 years ago

Hi, can anyone help to know that they only accept debit card to rent a hotel?

1 Answers
Sony Gupta Staff answered 2 years ago

Certainly it depends on the hotel, you choose. But when it comes to payment, it is recommended not to use debit card. It might surprise you or at times put you in trouble if you don’t have a sufficient fund to recover all your expenses.
Generally when you check in a hotel, they also want a deposit on your arrival which is called as “hold on your account” to cover up the possible balance of your stay. So during your stay wherever you use card for instance meals, telephone calls, WiFi charges, valet parking, and mini-bar fees are all used to calculate the hold. It will likely be much more than you expect to spend. And hotel debit card hold will be removed once the payment for your stay has processed.
 So in order to be safe, you should never use a debit card for things like car rentals, airlines or hotel bookings and use it only on smaller purchases like gas, dinner or for a small shopping trip.
Occasionally they have signs at the front desk that states “we recommend you not use a debit card and the desk clerks also reiterate this when the guest checks in.”
However, a credit card is obviously extremely useful as a means of paying larger sums than are usually paid in cash.
Hopefully you got your answer.