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Can i book my hotel reservation by phone on Goibibo?

Travel Related QuestionsCategory: Hotel Booking QuestionsCan i book my hotel reservation by phone on Goibibo?
Dipesh Kumar Staff asked 2 years ago

Hello everyone, i wanted to know if there is a number for Goibibo on which I can call and book a hotel room?

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Dipesh Kumar Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes definitely you can book your hotel room by calling the customer care on Go Ibibo, They are really helpful and they give you the correct options and discounts on hotel rooms, I got a very good offer when I was travelling to Delhi, India, I could have not got that offer online or on the App. ūüôā

You spend a lot of time to check the options online and get confused which if the right hotel that you need to book, the customer care representative are quick on giving you the right hotel option that you need.

You can call on the below numbers to book your hotel
You can also call us India: 1860-258-5858 / 1800-208-1060 Calling From Abroad: +91-9213025552

Raima Roy Staff answered 2 years ago

As this is a neutral  that seems to change the strategy with the environment where NuVivo changes, we recommend checking the same booking price on multiple travel portals such as Goibibo..  But obviously you can book your  hotel reservation by Goibibo..But there are many other online hotel booking app without Goibibo ,like KAYAK   .
You can get upto 80% discount there..

Raima Roy Staff replied 2 years ago

Thank you..

Neha Gupta Staff answered 2 years ago

Rarely, it is possible.
It is not guaranteed that the price never changes.
Price fluctuation is a function of multiple parameters such as demand, supply, discount, etc. It may fluctuate, but it is not dynamic like airmail.