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How to book the cheapest hotel possible?

Travel Related QuestionsCategory: Hotel Booking QuestionsHow to book the cheapest hotel possible?
Sony Gupta Staff asked 2 years ago

Hi I am looking for some best deals. How do I get it? pls help

2 Answers
Sony Gupta Staff answered 2 years ago

As soon as the vacation starts, internet flooded with loads of offers and options. It seems choosing a destination is quite easier than getting an accommodation over there. Let me simplify the things for you all.
There are 4 key points which you can actually follow to get best out of these offers:

  1. Discount on signing in : Some of the sites who offer a certain amount of discount when you sign up on their sites. So next time when you are trying to get offer, sign up on the site and you can see the difference by yourself. the sites which offer discount to their members only are here :


  1. Use of coupons : There are lots of sites which easily provide the discount coupons.You just have to search it for your favourite hotel and remember it should not be expired. and voila type the code in coupon box while booking online. Few sites which offer codes are Coupons.com and Retailmenot.com


  1. Keep an eye on Deals-of-the-day sites : Once you decide your dream destination, your next step should to keep an eye on sites which give offers and discounts every day. You can avail this facility only if you pre plan your vacation. This is something which takes time. the sites like Groupon. expedia, travelzoo give deals on daily basis.
  2. Home Rentals : Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Housesetting are the new way of accommodation which are now trending in terms of popularity in the world of Travel and tourism. People can rent someone’s home while they’re on vacation. This is much cheaper compare to hotel booking and more comfortable.

I hope you will make a note when you plan your next vacation. Bon séjour 🙂

Neha Gupta Staff answered 2 years ago

Choose the Best booking app here  http://wegoflightshotel.superstore.travel/ . This app can book your hotel and flights both at a time. Hope that help much.
Happy Travelling 🙂