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10 Things to Ask For When You Check into Your Hotel Room

Travel Related QuestionsCategory: Hotel Questions10 Things to Ask For When You Check into Your Hotel Room
Sony Gupta Staff asked 2 years ago

Hi, what question we should ask to concierge at the time of check in

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Sony Gupta Staff answered 2 years ago

Everyone wants to enjoy their vacation serenely but what if you forget some of your stuffs for example chargers, extension cords even camera ? Don’t let this to ruin your vacation.
Ask these simple 10 questions at the time of your check-in or during your stay in hotel to have a better experience: –

  1. Check out Policy : It has been seen many times that your check-out and return flight time do not match or your flight has been delayed for some reason. At that time you might get into trouble. So it’s better if you ask the checkout policy at the help desk. If required, don’t hesitate to tip the concierge for their help.
  1. Keep a map : The basic motive of vacation is to explore an unknown place. So if you travel alone, always try to carry a map or city plan with you, especially when you are travelling to abroad. So if you don’t have it, ask from reception before leaving for the adventure. Now a day GPS is an alternative for that but you never know when your phone run for battery or stolen so better keep it with you.

      3 .Confirm your reservation before you arrive: It is suggested that you should always verify your reservation details with the hotel before your arrival to avoid any kind of unpleasant surprise. Make sure the name on your identification, credit cards and             passport match. In addition confirm the hotel’s check-in time and what if you arrive early.

  1. Take note of hotel amenities: Most of the hotels provide their clients extra amenities such as breakfast, spa, pool etc. So make sure to note the location and time of breakfast, internet access and passwords, office work areas, lounges, bars, restaurants, gym and spa facilities to make your stay more comfortable.

      5. Extra Clean Linens : Many of us do not know that we can to request a full set of clean linens — from bed sheets to blankets at any point of time during our stay. They generally change bed linens on daily basis but not blanket and pillows. So better if you request the very first day  of your stay.
      6. Complimentary Toiletries : Basic toiletries like mouthwash and toothpaste can often be requested from hotels. Most of the hotels provide this as complimentary service, You can also ask for for shaving cream and floss.
      7. Extra Hidden charges: If you do not want to be shocked by extras in terms of final payment then it’s better to ask a list of hidden charges at the help desk. There are certain things which could be chargeable for example city taxes, service taxes, wi-fi, parking, breakfast etc.
      8. A Room with a View : Your stay could be even better if you get a room with a pleasant view. But if you fail to ask from your hotel to provide you a room with a sight then you might landed up in a general room which certainly is not hotel’s error. So go ahead and ask for it.
       9. Parking facility : Some hotels provide free parking and some with charges. it’s worth asking about this facility to avoid any kind of confusion.
       10. Clear your doubts : At any point of time if you think something is not clear to you, go ahead and do ask the concierge. They will surely help you out.
No hotel wants to give you an unpleasant experience during your stay. They will listen to your concern genuinely and  will give their best to get a good review from you. Happy Stay 🙂