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Hotel Tonight

The leader in accelerating the speed and performance of the mobile application. Today shared the results of its integration in the last minute travel booking mobile application of Hotel Tonight. Both companies reported an increase in travel booking conversions. Reductions in mobile network errors by more than 300% and an increase in the speed of the Hotel Tonight application by up to 97% in key global markets. Last Minutes Hotel Room Tonight Booking Compare Find Below.

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Hotel Tonight


Hotel Tonight is an innovative and globally popular last-minute and mobile travel app for iOS and Android. With the travel2go 2-line application acceleration SDK enabled and the acceleration of user traffic worldwide. Users of the Hotel Tonight application found a faster and more reliable exit route. And responded accordingly by becoming more frequency.

These results demonstrate the direct correlation that has the fastest performance of the mobile application. Combined with the reduction of the errors of the mobile network, with the increase in reserves and revenues.

Hotel tonight increased the conversions in the application in the United States. And recorded a greater amount of reserves in areas of high growth like the United Kingdom, France and Germany once the SDK of Hotel Tonight was installed.

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In addition, Hotel tonight booking compare already had a low mobile network error rate in the industry with its application. But travel2go further reduced the rate of errors caused by the mobile operator. Bringing it below 1% in all markets of key trips. This means even fewer missing images and less chance of visible errors or operator waiting time within the Hotel Tonight application, providing a smoother user experience.

Finally, the application found significantly faster load times and better application performance in countries around the world. Even in 4G / LTE networks dominated in the United States, the Last Minutes Hotel Tonight Booking Compare application ran 67% faster than before the travel2go was activated.

69% faster in the United States.
39% faster in the United Kingdom.
56% faster in France.
93% faster in Germany.

The Hotel Tonight CEO said about the results of its application that “as a mobile only company. At HotelTonight we are passionate about increasing speed and reducing friction. And we are proud to have the fastest booking process in the world. industry”. three blows and one blow. For us, every microsecond counts, and we were pleased to partner with travel2go to shave them even further. ”

About Travel2go

Travel2go is the leader in accelerating mobile applications. Reducing their errors and increasing conversions around the world. The Hotel Booking Tonight SDK accelerates load times. Reliability and performance of mobile applications, helping application owners keep their users earned with effort and generate maximum revenue.

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The innovative infrastructure and global presence of the company combine to drastically reduce frustrating application errors. Slow loading times, failed loads and application wait times, whether users of an application are hyperlocal in a city or around the world. Application owners simply install a 2-line SDK in their application and gain instant access to the global application acceleration network of travel2go.

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Hotel Booking Tonight Travel Tips

Now it seems incredible, but I traveled backpacking through England on my mobile phone young sans. Occasionally using the telephone box in English (unfortunately, they were never bigger inside) and even traveler’s checks (younger readers can check the museum local of things lost) So that it does not sound too cantankerous. Today, my travel routine has become a testimony of the technological advances, with the accompanying team of Apple products in tow. And yet, there are some things that I routinely do as backup. If the technology fails while on the road. Although articles abound about high-tech ways to facilitate travel, I thought I would present the five best low-tech things I learned through trial and error.

Sometimes, a low tech trick is just the ticket to help you on your way.

1. Sometimes, Google maps are not your only option.

When I leave a hotel or residence, I get a business card, a piece of stationery from the room or something with the address, and an idea of ​​the nearest cross street. Although this sounds ridiculously simple, when you have been traveling along the route for some time, all the hotels (and nuclei in the center of the cities, for that matter) begin to have a strange similarity with them, and you do not want to walk down a street in Madrid trying to find the hotel he left three years ago in Lyon.

2. Always take the taxi fare in the local currency to return.

I love walking through a city, especially at night, but if my path takes me beyond the road less traveled and to a place that may be a little less than safe (or if I’m just lost), the comfort of being able to get on A taxi to return to my residence at night is immeasurable (especially if your phone is down and Uber is not an option). This is where knowing your cross street, or a general idea of ​​how the streets around your residence are presented, is useful: are they in a spiral arrondissement system like Paris, or in a perfect grid like Melbourne?

3. Be able to describe your destiny.

When requesting directions, sometimes the local name of a plaza, park or popular attraction may be different from the official name. Can you describe the general area you want to go to or an important milestone within the site? I have gone further in Poznan trying to reach a specific area of ​​a park by showing an image of a driver of a particular statue by the entrance I wanted, especially when my suspended Polish failed spectacularly.

4. Print your boarding pass.

I know, I know … I’m one of the few who still presents a printed boarding pass for the agent at the boarding gate, but the number of times I’ve stopped next to a line of machines with a broken mallet and I throw a dismal look at the meandering line around the check-in desk is quite high. A boarding pass stored in my passport (which I have to show anyway) frees me juggling a phone with my carry-on, and it takes about three extra seconds at home to print or at the hotel’s business center.

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